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This is a post about acting, Sara Kestelman, and Knights of the Old Republic II

Posted on May 15th, by Jordan Rivas in Video Games. 1 Comment

This is an article about acting. If you’d like to start by watching a bit from the performance being discussed, before reading, skip to the bottom of the page, just after the header “TL;DR” for a video.

One of my favorite performances ever was given by Sara Kestelman, in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. She played Kreia, a sage steeped in the twilight who was neither Jedi nor Sith, but a teacher of both the Light and Dark sides of the Force.

Kestelman’s performance as Kreia is so memorable it wipes away arbitrary divisions that try to dissect a single art form. She acts so well her acting defies labels like “voice over acting” and “video game acting” and is only rightly described by more relevant terms – compelling acting, believable acting, thought provoking acting.

The character of Kreia is morally ambiguous, and her dialogue sharply written. That’s compelling on it’s own, but Kestelman’s performance is mesmerizing. Her delivery is unerringly subtle; even her directness has undertone. She’s unnerving at times, comforting at others. There’s a distance in her voice that makes her sound almost hollow, but a conviction that leaves a … Read More »

This is a post about SWTOR and Micro-transaction Immersion

Posted on November 28th, by Jordan Rivas in Video Games. 3 comments

I used to joke that I’d never try Star Wars: The Old Republic, because as a gaming Star Wars geek, I was the perfect example of someone who’d have their life taken over by a Star Wars game with no ending.

I’m decent at telling jokes – most of the time they don’t come true.

When I started, I tried to ease into it. That didn’t work. The game, like any MMO, is geared towards driving you to a primary objective – more. But not too much more; that would be daunting. No, specifically, one more. One more quest, one more loot grab, one more armor piece, one more group operation, one more level – always just one more.

But what SWTOR adds to that medley of more, unlike most MMO’s, is story. Story is crucial to my experience with a game. One more story, I’d tell myself at 2AM, eyes already drooping, bloodshot and Sith-like. That’s what every MMO I’ve ever played was missing – deep, pervasive, cinematic storytelling.

Although not a “pure MMO” in the eyes of critics, SWTOR has opened a branch of audience that World of Warcraft and others have always been shut off to – the single-player story lover.

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Top 4 Snubs at the Star Wars Medal Ceremony

Posted on June 21st, by jeff in Movies, Off Topic. No Comments

Jeff, contributor and regular Star Wars expert, sticks up for the people who didn’t get medals after The Battle of Yavin. I seriously want R2-D2 to get a medal now, I don’t care if they have to magnetize it to his dome.

Three Questions w/Slick Gigolo

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On May 31st a video called George Lucas Strikes Back hit the internets and many lulz ensued. It’s not the first time the guys at Slick Gigolo have produced a viral video hit, and seeing as how I dig a bunch of their short films, I figured questions were in order — three of them to be exact.

Emperor Palpatine’s Top 3 Fails

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Jeff has a power meeting with the Emperor and goes over some opportunities for improvement…

The Return of the Jedi deleted scene: why it should have stayed in the film.

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Jeff looks at the new deleted scene from the Star Wars Blu-ray re-release, and some insight on why it should have made the cut all those years ago

What’s wrong with being Jabba the Hutt?

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Jeff argues why a giant slug has a better life than you… and it makes sense.

Top Three Star Wars Battles Fans DIDN’T See

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Jeff talks more Star Wars, asking maybe one of the best questions I’ve ever heard from a Star Wars fan: why didn’t we see the “ground assault” on Hoth?

Dark Lord of The Smack Talk

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Darth Vader. The name alone conjures up images of power, evil, intimidation and other various emotions of dread. His black armor, flowing cape, and overall swagger just makes him intimidating upon first look.

As a Sith Lord he is well versed in the dark side of the force. Aside from his blood-red colored lightsaber, he can choke you with a thought, levitate objects to hurl at you, and use his mechanical body to over power you in a lightsaber battle. Basically, do not mess with him!

However, one skill Vader is well versed in that gets under appreciated is his abilty to be an excellent smack-talker in battle. Don’t believe me? Well here are the top five smack-talk lines from Vader.

5. Episode III, Revenge of the Sith: “You will try!”

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Jump to 3:50 in the clip. Before he became the mechanical monster, he was Anakin Skywalker and was ordained by Emperor Palpatine as Darth Vader before his first fight with his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi. When Kenobi tells Skywalker (now Vader) what he has to do … Read More »