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This is a post about Call of Duty, Ego, and Pumping Iron

Posted on December 5th, by Jordan Rivas in Video Games. 4 comments

There is a person who’s half downed a Monster XXL, is sitting in a beanbag, with a pair of Triton’s on, and their eyes are bloodshot. They’re playing Call of Duty and they’re good at it.

There is another person who’s doubled up on their creatine monohydrate and whey protein, hit a couple of magnesium pills, and every muscle in their body looks ready to burst out of them as they squat twice their weight. They’re working out, and they’re good at it.

These two people have something in common, and it’s that they’re both feeding their ego.

They aren’t often associated with each other because their methods are so different. Nevertheless, the motivation, payoff, and psychological drive is similar. I’m not directly comparable to either of them, but I’m similar enough to each of them that I can share some insight with you.

I work out everyday. I like to do it. It makes me feel good, it gives me energy, and I like the challenge. It’s not that I don’t ever struggle to get started (I do), but I enjoy having such a disciplined area of my life.

Four days a week I do free weights (on “off days” I do intensive cardio). … Read More »

Tidalis Review

Posted on July 26th, by Jordan Rivas in Reviews, Video Games. No Comments

I review Tidalis, a puzzle game from Arcen games, and possibly the best indie puzzler I’ve ever played.