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This is a post about SWTOR and Micro-transaction Immersion

Posted on November 28th, by Jordan Rivas in Video Games. 3 comments

I used to joke that I’d never try Star Wars: The Old Republic, because as a gaming Star Wars geek, I was the perfect example of someone who’d have their life taken over by a Star Wars game with no ending.

I’m decent at telling jokes – most of the time they don’t come true.

When I started, I tried to ease into it. That didn’t work. The game, like any MMO, is geared towards driving you to a primary objective – more. But not too much more; that would be daunting. No, specifically, one more. One more quest, one more loot grab, one more armor piece, one more group operation, one more level – always just one more.

But what SWTOR adds to that medley of more, unlike most MMO’s, is story. Story is crucial to my experience with a game. One more story, I’d tell myself at 2AM, eyes already drooping, bloodshot and Sith-like. That’s what every MMO I’ve ever played was missing – deep, pervasive, cinematic storytelling.

Although not a “pure MMO” in the eyes of critics, SWTOR has opened a branch of audience that World of Warcraft and others have always been shut off to – the single-player story lover.

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Global Agenda dev, Hi-Rez Studios, announces DoTA-inspired “SMITE”

Posted on April 25th, by Jordan Rivas in Video Games. No Comments

Hi-Rez Studios has announced its next title — SMITE, a free-to-play, competitive multiplayer game inspired by famed Warcraft III mod “Defense of The Ancients” (always known as DoTA).

It’s running Unreal Engine 3, like Global Agenda, and while it differs in style from G.A it looks equally impressive graphically. Gameplay is arena-combat matches between mythical deities; both Zeus (above) and Anubis (below) are pictured. Players will have customizable sets of abilities and be able to play solo or with a team against other players or non-player enemies.