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‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’ Review

Posted on August 17th, by Jordan Rivas in Movies, Reviews. No Comments

The latest offering from the DC Animated Universe, Batman: Under the Red Hood… it misses on only a few marks, and ends up as a dark, mature, Batman animated feature.

Win and Fail: Deadpool and Green Lantern Movies

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Robert Rodriguez could make one of the best comic book movies ever with Deadpool, Green Lantern on the other hand won’t fair so well.

The State of Comic Book Movies

Posted on July 27th, by Jordan Rivas in Movies. No Comments

A look at comic book movies: how the trend started, what has worked, and what hasn’t.

What’s wrong with being Jabba the Hutt?

Posted on July 13th, by jeff in Movies. No Comments

Jeff argues why a giant slug has a better life than you… and it makes sense.

The Last Air Bender Review

Posted on July 6th, by Jordan Rivas in Movies, Reviews. No Comments

I might as well title this post, “The Last Airbender barely survives the burning wreck that is M. Night Shyamalan’s career”.

I’m the Newest, Biggest Airbender Fan… and I’m Worried

Posted on June 29th, by Jordan Rivas in Movies. No Comments

Several months ago I was debating something with a buddy of mine that happened several years ago, roughly.

I don’t know exactly how long ago it was, but at some point, based on the recommendation of another friend, I watched an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an animated series from Nickelodeon. I was not impressed.

If you asked me to recall the exact content of my argument, I can’t. For the life of me I can’t remember why I was so apathetic towards the show. Not that I disliked it, I just didn’t care for it much. Recently, however, I’ve discovered how wrong I was, and become a huge Airbender fan.

Some of the trailers for the new Airbender movie had intrigued me. The point at which a little kid is doing a back flip over a dude, while simultaneously turning him into a pillar of ice – that’s when my curiosity is piqued. So I browsed Netflx, to see if I could stream a few episodes. It turns out the entire series is available for instant streaming on Netflix – perfect. I started watching episodes last week, and I think I’m about eight episodes in.

I’m astonished, and highly entertained.

I know there’s … Read More »

Top Three Star Wars Battles Fans DIDN’T See

Posted on June 22nd, by jeff in Movies. No Comments

Jeff talks more Star Wars, asking maybe one of the best questions I’ve ever heard from a Star Wars fan: why didn’t we see the “ground assault” on Hoth?

Neill Blomkamp Should Still Make the Halo Movie

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There should still be a Halo movie, and Neill Blomkamp should still direct it.