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This is a post about Super Hexagon and being shy

Posted on September 26th, by Jordan Rivas in Reviews, Video Games. 4 comments

Super Hexagon is difficult, exhilarating, minimal, and enlightening. The controls are uncomplicated, and precise. The visuals are colorful, but basic. The music is symbiotic with the frenetic pace of the puzzling, and progressively hypnotic in the later stages.

The game has one rule — don’t touch the spinning shapes twirling inward at you. “You” are a small arrow in the center of the screen. Played on an iOS device, you tap on the left or right side of your screen, and the view rotates accordingly. As varying colored shapes swirl like a whirlpool inward, sometimes in stymieing labyrinthine arrangements, you have to quickly rotate the screen to avoid them. As you progress, the movement of the pieces becomes quicker, their arrangements more complex, the order of arrangements more varied, and with little more than an infectious musical cue, the rotation of the shapes can change altogether.

Super Hexagon is addictive. It’s relentlessly hard, but success is exhilarating. Making it even 30 seconds into a game made me feel like a hyper-reactive, clairvoyant, maestro of spinning shapes and a little yellow arrow in the center of this techno-scored, spinning universe. That’s likely because I heard the synthetic female voice that ushers you into every game, pronounce, “game over” … Read More »