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Indie Game About Sex From “Beautiful Escape” Dev (NSFW)

Posted on April 22nd, by Jordan Rivas in Preview, Video Games. 7 comments

You are, a young male with an unknown sexual disorder captured by some mysterious agency and thrown into a bizarre parallel reality where everything gravitates towards sex. You’re set on a sexual quest to explore unknown lands, meet strange people, and learn more about your sexuality.

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t reads unabashedly cavalier, precocious even. As I glance over the description for his next game, I’m reminded that Nicolau Chaud (Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer) is both honest and novel, perhaps in the most bold way possible. “Become so honest it makes people uncomfortable,” I often espouse to fellow writers. Nicolau demonstrates this paradigm exceedingly well.

The name of Nicolau’s current work-in-progress is Polymorphous Perversity, named after a concept by Sigmund Freud. It’s a game about sex. A game in which the objective is to obtain sexual gratification however you can in order to stay alive. The inspiration, Nicolau says, came directly from Freud’s observation: “According to Freud, a young child is, by nature, “polymorphously perverse” which is to say that, before education in the conventions of civilized society, a child will turn to various bodily parts for sexual gratification and will not obey the rules that in adults determine perverse behavior. Education however quickly suppresses the polymorphous possibilities … Read More »

Interview w/Beautiful Escape Developer

Posted on July 19th, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. 5 comments

I get a chance to talk with Nicolau Chaud, the man who made a video game about torture (Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer)… and so much more.

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer (Review)

Posted on June 21st, by Jordan Rivas in Reviews, Video Games. 5 comments

This is one of the most shocking, disturbing, and emotionally powerful games I’ve ever reviewed. A well written macabre tale, with a novel gameplay concept.