Dragon Age: Origins, Grey Warden T-Shirt Review

A while back, I reviewed the Mass Effect 2 N7 t-shirt, on a whim, because it seemed like something no one else was doing. Well it turns out people dug that review, and dug the review of the N7 hoodie even more.

It only seems natural then, that when I got my new Grey Wardens t-shirt from the Bioware store, that I would offer up some feedback on my purchase.

I ordered the “Grey Wardens Circle Tee” in XL, in a dark charcoal type color. The “GREY WARDENS” printed in proud, bold lettering, over the Wardens’ logo emblazoned on the front is distinct, calls attention, and makes a cool t-shirt regardless of a video game tie-in.

On the back is the supremely badass motto of the Grey Wardens: “In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.” Yes, that’s highly epic for a t-shirt.

The make and quality of the t-shirt feel almost identical to the N7 shirt, maybe slightly on the softer side. It also has the same “MADE IN CHINA” generic stamp on the inside of the collar. It’s not exactly the highest end of t-shirt craftsmanship, but like most stuff from the Bioware store it still ranks in quality above what most tie-in apparel would be.


  • Stylish circle Grey Wardens logo
  • Epic – absurdly epic – Wardens’ motto on the back
  • Video game tie-in shirt that is geeky and cool at the same time


  • A bit on the generic side, average quality

Should you buy it?

I recommend the t-shirt, but with the least enthusiasm of any of my Bioware store reviews thus far. It’s a good t-shirt, and yeah, if you’re a DA:O fan, even more so. If it felt even a tad more solid in its fabric quality, I’d be singing its praises. As it stands, it’s still a nice shirt, with an epic design. It’s worth a buy.




Posted on August 4, 2010

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