Interview w/Tidalis Dev, Chris Park (Arcen Games)

I recently got a chance to talk with Chris Park, owner/Lead Programmer/Lead Designer of Arcen Games. This is a great interview, highly insightful, and entertaining. It makes a good listen, so download it and slap it on the iPod, or click below to stream it right now.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • breaking into game design
  • the history of Arcen Games
  • Tidalis – everything from discussing early design concepts, alternate versions of the Tidalis story, the art and visuals of the game, and more!
  • Chris’s thoughts on design, and story in games
  • Alden Ridge, and upcoming adventure game from Arcen
  • A Valley Without Wind, a JRPG/Tower defense game, genre-bender, from Arcen
  • And, some of the first background/info on a game called Cayenne, a new game from Arcen
Audio MP3

Download Link

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