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2K Sports has brought us some of the finest sports titles in video games for just over a decade now and for the tenth time they’ve brought us an offering of NHL action withNHL 2K10. The NHL series from 2K has seen some occasional mixed reviews over the past couple of seasons and has been considered by many hardcore hockey buffs to be second to EA’s NHL series. Nevertheless, after a short time with NHL 2K10 it was clear this is the best NHL game 2K has ever produced.

When you start up NHL 2K10 you’re greeted by the team selection screen – no ‘main menu’ or traditional ‘quick game’, ‘online’ or ‘franchise’ options; that’s part of 2K’s big new feature in NHL 2K10, a new centralized menu system that can be called up from anywhere and integrates online and offline seamlessly. Using the right analog stick you can call up a menu that allows you to switch to other game modes, adjust rosters and navigate to everything else in the game. It’s similar to being able to call up the XMB menu on your PS3 or hitting the ‘guide button’ on your 360, it gives you full access no matter where you are. Games frequently try to do fresh things in user interface design, but until something better comes along, all sports games should use this menu system, period.

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Posted on January 3, 2010

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