Indie Strategy Games Bundle

I happen to like Cliff Harris. He’s an indie developer who, at this point, is probably pretty well known, and he makes epic indie games about awesome space battles (that are, admittedly, gratuitous). So when I got the word that Cliff’s Positech Games was joining up with fellow indie developers Arcen Games and Cryptic Comet for something called the Indie Strategy Games Bundle, I was instantly intrigued.

The ISGB is a package including three games + expansion packs: Gratuitous Space Battles + The Tribes Expansion (Positech Games), The Solium Infernum (Cryptic Comet), and AI War + the Zenith Remnant expansion (Arcen Games). Oh, and they’re selling it for fifty bucks.

Three games, plus expansion packs in the case of two of them, and you’re getting it for $49.99. I’ll have to confess, I’ve yet to try Solium Infernum or AI War, but this might be a good opportunity for me to try them. As for Gratuitous Space Battles, it’s easily one of the best indie games I’ve ever played. It takes two of my favorite things, space ships and strategy, and puts them together brilliantly – and then adds explosions. Eureka.

The customization in GSB is insane. Start creating a ship by picking from several hull types, then customize the several different slots each hull type has for weapons, defenses, etc. You can create at least two or three vastly different ship designs from the exact same hull type. Now imagine the different kinds of fleets you can build using all the different ships that you created. There’s also certain missions that restrict what you can bring into the battle. It’s a genuinely deep experience that begs you to obsess over every detail of your ships and fleets and it effectively sucks you in. Trust me, you will agonize over whether to use that final slot for a missile interceptor for added defense or an extra engine for added maneuverability.

The game also runs smooth and looks amazing, even on a machine like mine that is by no means a gaming rig.

Cliff Harris is known to do things the right way: always a demo, attentive customer service, and no DRM, ever. Who wouldn’t want to buy cool games from that dude?

Again, I’m sorry to say I haven’t tried these others two, but they both look good and with a deal like this I really don’t have an excuse not to. I wanted to help bump this offer as quickly as possible (it runs until March 9), but time permitting I’ll try and give a review of the whole bundle.

Stay tuned.

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