Top 4 Snubs at the Star Wars Medal Ceremony

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It was an iconic scene. Rebel troops massed, John Williams music triumphantly playing, Princess Leia waiting at the end of the aisle atop the stairs in the Throne Room, and the heroic Luke Skywalker and Han Solo marching down the aisle to receive their gold medals.

Wait! Hold up. Only two individuals received medals for their actions in defeating the Empire and destroying the Death Star? I think not.

Here are the top four medal ceremony snubs:

4. Chewbacca

OK, so, Solo gets a medal, but not Chewie? Chewie risked his life as well when the Millennium Falcon turned back to get Darth Vader and a couple of other TIE-Fighters off Luke’s tail.

3. Princess Leia.

Who was the one to risk her life, crew and political reputation as a senator in order to intercept data for the Death Star plans? Leia. Without her, there would be no message for R2-D2 to carry to Obi-Wan Kenobi to get things in motion.

So you turn right around and give yourself a medal, Leia.

2. R2-D2.

This little droid carried the Death Star plans, risked his mechanical life by getting out of Luke’s farm and venture out into the desert of Tattoine to deliver the message from Leia to Obi-Wan. The threat of Tusken Raiders, desert heat, scavenging Jawas didn’t deter this droid.

Let’s not also forget, R2 flew with Skywalker in the raid on the Death Star, repaired Luke’s X-Wing Fighter during battle and got shot in the dome by Vader.

Safe to say this droid deserves a medal.

1. Biggs Darklighter

Luke’s best friend sacrificed his life to fend off Vader and the TIE-Fighters so Luke can nail the winning shot down the Death Star’s open shaft.

Let me repeat, Biggs gave his life! Not even giving up one’s life is medal-worthy? Hell, they can at least give him the medal posthumously. Toss his next of kin a gift certificate. Something!

Biggs for giving up your life, you deserve a medal.

[Quick note: in Star Wars Journal: The Fight for Justice there is mention of a monument being made for those that gave their lives in the Battle of Yavin and Biggs’s name being placed prominently on it. Just saying… but yeah, R2 did take one in the dome, and no monument. – Ed]


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