Three Questions w/Slick Gigolo


On May 31st a video called George Lucas Strikes Back hit the internets and many lulz ensued. It’s not the first time the guys at Slick Gigolo have produced a viral video hit, and seeing as how I dig a bunch of their short films, I figured questions were in order — three of them to be exact.

How do you guys normally break an idea for a video? Do you guys sit down together and verbally work it out, do you separately write up drafts on ideas, or what?

Usually we come up the ideas separately, bring them to each other, and then together talk through the ideas until we find angles that we both like on them.

You guys have had a couple of videos go viral now… when there’s so much stuff out there in terms of comedy videos especially, what’s the one thing you guys really did early on that helped get your stuff seen?

We just try to make our friends and ourselves laugh, and we consider ourselves lucky when other people appreciate our humor as well.  We don’t plan things out that much.

OK, so imagine some guys want to start making online videos kind of like you do (let’s face it, everyone wants to do this now) — what’s the biggest mistake they’re going to make and how should they avoid it?

Don’t think of web videos as sketches; think of them as short films.  That and don’t do musical parodies: it’s cheap, easy and whorish.  Just kidding.

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