The Return of the Jedi deleted scene: why it should have stayed in the film.

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If you are a Star Wars fan, like yours truly, then you’ve already seen the deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. And if you are a Star Wars fan like I am, then you might have geeked out upon viewing just like the guy yelling “Yeah!” in the video.

After watching it, I thought to myself, “Why did George Lucas remove it?” Granted it doesn’t matter now since it will be added, among other deleted scenes, in the upcoming re-release of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray but I still feel it should not have been cut from the film and here is why:

1. Fans missed out on seeing Luke Skywalker’s continued development into a Jedi Knight. Part of the path of becoming a Jedi is to construct one’s own lightsaber. If the point of the movie was to show the RETURN of the Jedi, then why not show Skywalker return to the rituals of the Jedi Order?

2. Fans missed out on seeing Darth Vader’s continued attempts to tempt Skywalker into taking a similar path to the Dark Side. In the Empire Strikes Back, it was decided by Vader and the Emperor to turn Skywalker and have him join them. Why not keep that going? In Jedi, I personally felt the movie lacked more vigorous attempts by the Empire to turn Skywalker before he was brought to the Emperor on the Death Star.

3. Fans missed out on Skywalker’s plan to rescue Han Solo. The scene seems to be set right before the rescue attempt and it would have been great to see the plan form. Though some fans might disagree and feel it would ruin the surprise of R2-D2 launching the new lightsaber to Skywalker on the skiff above the Sarlac Pit. Part of Luke’s development and training was learning to be less reckless, and more deliberate. So showing his careful planning on rescuing Solo from a dangerous situation demonstrates his maturation.

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