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This is a post about 9/11 and Splinter Cell

Posted on September 11th, by Jordan Rivas in Editorial, Video Games. 13 comments

I remember exactly where I was on Tuesday morning, the eleventh day of September, 2001. I was playing basketball in the driveway. My childhood dream was to play in the NBA; nothing was more important to me than taking 1,000 shots every day.

When my older brother came out, and said, “You need to come inside, someone just attacked New York,” I didn’t react much.

“Oh, OK,” I said, then took another jump shot. Swish.

“No, it’s serious, somebody crashed a plane into a building.”

Another jump shot. Swish. “A plane crashed or someone attacked?”

“Someone crashed a plane full of people into a building — on purpose.”

Another shot. Clanked off the rim.

He continued: “They say it’s bad. And that we might be at war.”

The ball bounced unimpeded, until it just rolled down the sloped driveway and into the street.

I was twelve years old. I didn’t really understand, not yet. The gravity of it all slammed on me then; the look on my brother’s face (only two years my senior), the sound of his voice. Watching the news, talking to parents and others, I would grasp the basic nature of what happened over hours, … Read More »

How to Kill Metacritic

Posted on June 21st, by Jordan Rivas in Editorial, Video Games. 5 comments

The purpose of the congress between us, contained in this article and the comments that follow, should not be persuasive on either side — it should be analytic, intensely focused on details and uniformly agreed on its desired outcome. We’re here to come up with a plan to kill Metacritic and I humbly offer my proposal, in four not-so-easy steps.

In Defense of Alpha Protocol

Posted on June 7th, by Jordan Rivas in Editorial, Video Games. No Comments

I’ll agree with every negative thing you say about Alpha Protocol, all you have to do is answer some questions.

The Kotaku Review

Posted on April 16th, by Jordan Rivas in Editorial. 1 Comment

I’ve reviewed a couple of video games in my time, but I like Kotaku reviews the best.