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Top 4 Snubs at the Star Wars Medal Ceremony

Posted on June 21st, by jeff in Movies, Off Topic. No Comments

Jeff, contributor and regular Star Wars expert, sticks up for the people who didn’t get medals after The Battle of Yavin. I seriously want R2-D2 to get a medal now, I don’t care if they have to magnetize it to his dome.

Top 5 Draft Picks of the Ultimate FANTASY Basketball League

Posted on September 16th, by jeff in Off Topic, Satire. No Comments

Jeff takes the concept of a “fantasy” draft to the weirdest, most epic heights yet, giving us the top five picks of a remarkable draft class of the impossible.

Three Underrated Women of the 80’s

Posted on August 11th, by jeff in music, Off Topic. No Comments

Jeff concocts the phenomenal idea of remembering three hot women from the 80s… and brings pics and videos. Brilliant.