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Three Questions w/Slick Gigolo

Posted on June 17th, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Movies. No Comments

On May 31st a video called George Lucas Strikes Back hit the internets and many lulz ensued. It’s not the first time the guys at Slick Gigolo have produced a viral video hit, and seeing as how I dig a bunch of their short films, I figured questions were in order — three of them to be exact.

Three Questions w/Ryan Creighton

Posted on June 3rd, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. No Comments

Quick! Before your attention span flits off, chasing shiny things! Ryan Creighton; video game developer; makes games for kids (and adults); made a game with his five year old daughter Cassie.

I ask him three questions. Enjoy.

Interview w/ Stream dev team

Posted on May 20th, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. No Comments

I recently got a chance to bounce some questions off of the team that developed the first-person platformer puzzle game, Stream. Designer Simon Chauvin fielded the questions on behalf of the team and relayed the group’s sentiments back to me. I found Stream to be an interesting, stark, but visually compelling and a well designed short game. You can find my full review here.

It’s a brief interview that touches on some of the process behind designing the game and some of the history behind development.


What inspired the concept for the game?

Stream Team: This is difficult to say, I was the one bringing the concept to the team and I must say that I don’t really have an idea of where that comes from. At first, it was just the mechanic, I liked the idea of controlling the environment, I wanted to make the player feel like an alien in the world. He controls everything that surrounds him just like if he was an observer.


I’m not too familiar with ENJMIN — what can you tell us about the program?

ST: ENJMIN is a french public school of video game development, we are around fifty students in different majors (programming, game design, sound … Read More »

Interview w/Cliff Harris (Positech Games)

Posted on August 25th, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. No Comments

A quiz the one man dev team of Positech Games, Cliff Harris, on games, game design, and what it takes to make it as an indie developer

Interview w/Tidalis Dev, Chris Park (Arcen Games)

Posted on August 2nd, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. 2 comments

I get to talk with Chris Park of Arcen games about their new game Tidalis, some of the company’s history, and some of their new upcoming games.

Interview w/Beautiful Escape Developer

Posted on July 19th, by Jordan Rivas in interview, Video Games. 5 comments

I get a chance to talk with Nicolau Chaud, the man who made a video game about torture (Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer)… and so much more.